Thank you for your support

Dear supporters and prayer partners of CEF, NZ

First of all I want to begin with thanking you for you faithful support of the work of CEF and it’s staff, which many of you have done very faithfully for many years.

My wife Margrit has been marking and sending out the Mailbox lessons in NZ for more than 10 years now. We know how important prayer and financial support for that work is. To be able to print and send out the lessons and a Bible as most are from non Christian homes and don’t have a bible. We have had the joy of seeing many children come to accept Jesus as Savior by doing the Mailbox lessons. It is of course also one of the best ways to help the Christian youth grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus and His Word. 2 Peter 3,18

Many of these young Christians now are being trained as camp leaders and hopefully in the near future trained to be involved in CEF outreach ministries.

Pray that through this God will call future children workers into CEF to help reach more of NZs Children.

The camp, at Sonshine Ranch in South Auckland will from now on be run as CEF camps which are attended by over 700 children a year during all School holiday programs through out the year.

Many Schools in south and east Auckland come here for one or two days of Outdoor Education and Recreation. Over 3000 children a year take part in these programs. For many of them this is the first contact to the camp, then the following school holidays some come to the camps which is the first step to hear the gospel and to find Jesus as Savior.

We also run a weekly Teen youth night every Friday night with usually 30-40 attending every Friday. This youth night is where we see so many grow in their walk with the Lord. We pray that the Lord will call young people from amongst these to train to help reach Children with the Gospel.

There is also a great CEF camp ministry continuing in two camps in the South Island where many children are reached with the Gospel by a very faithful team of Volunteers. Do pray for the great work they are doing.

Thank you once more for your support both in prayer and financial giving. We are very grateful if you can and will continue with that kind of support for the sake of the NZ children.

God bless

Hans and Margrit Notter on behalf of the National CEF Board

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