Leader training notes

Are you a Christian? Do you want to grow spiritually?

Do you desire strength to overcome temptation?

Do you long to know God’s will?

If your answers are “YES”, you need to have a SPECIAL TIME WITH GOD every day.

Write down three reasons or things that hinder you from having daily quiet time with God. Think about each one of the things you have written down. How important and beneficial are they in shaping your life and future for the good?

Now take time to read prayerfully through the booklets below and think about the importance of spending some time with God each day.

We will look at and talk about some of the topics touched on in the booklets at Friday nights youth group at Sonshine Ranch. Look forward to see you there.

God’s blessings


Click the links to download the Booklets:
Booklet 1: How to plan a special time with God each day
Booklet 2: How you can know God’s plan for your life and service

What do you think about?