Preaching Religion to children without evangelism

We are living in a time where so many good churches just tell bible and moral stories but fail to evangelise and challenge the congregation with the question are you saved, is Jesus you personal Saviour?

John 3, 3 Jesus says; unless a man is born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.

I consider it a tragedy that a lot of children growing up in christian families and attending church never or seldom get taught and challenged to personally accept Christ as Saviour for the forgiveness of sin. In our camps children coming from christian families and attending a church confirm this. When being counselled and asked when did you become a christian, the most common reply is I have grown up as a christian. They have not heard that they need to be “born again” and personally accept Jesus as their own Saviour! When such church children  give testimony as young leaders in our camps, we very often hear that the first time they heard of needing to personally accept Jesus as Saviour was when they first came as campers. May we all in camp ministry evangelise and lead many children to the Lord when they are ready to respond.

On TV news a while ago there were headlines of an ISIS executer that grew up in Britain and when young attended a church and youth group. He got dissolution and walked away from church as he was never lead to the Lord . Had he been saved he may have become a missionary instead!

This highlights the importance of evangelism and leading children to the Lord. I trust that the Booklet 21 Feed my Lambs will help you to see the importance in leading children to the Lord.

GOD’S Blessings, Hans Notter

Please see and read Booklet 21 “Feed my Lambs” in Literature Resource under down loads 

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