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Dear friends and prayer supporters of NZ; CEF

Cef of New Zealand has been active in New Zealand for over 55 years and we are still here by the Grace of God.

We are seeking people who have a vision and desire to see the children of our nation come to a knowledge and faith in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour and to be come the next generation to carry forward the Gospel into the future.

If you believe that there is a calling for you to be involved in this ministry ,please contact us on our contact page.

This  Saturday the 14th of October we will have a Board meeting. Please pray for wisdom for all Board members

May the Lord bless you in your day.

Alan Pfeiffer

Chairperson of the board of CEF Nz


Please continue to pray and support the work of CEF so that it will once again grow to reach many children through out New Zealand.

Greetings with God’s blessings,

South Island Camps

Camp Good News; is to be held at Waipara Adventure Centre from Monday 5th October until Friday 9th of October 2015 (leaders go in to camp a day earlier). We plan to have approx. 70 children and 35 leaders.
At Good News Camp every effort is made to give the children a well balanced and enjoyable holiday. All types of games, sporting activities and swimming are provided and carefully supervised. Informal activities and many other enjoyable pursuits are arranged to give the children the best type of holiday we can. Carefully balanced alongside this, within the program, we present Christianity as something that is relevant to everyday living.


Holiday Camps at Sonshine Ranch









During the winter month we enjoyed a more quiet time ,which helps to prepare the camp staff for the busy summer ahead. This begins with the up coming camps on Saturday the 26 th. of September.

Margrit has been very busy with the many children and teen doing mailbox correspondence lessons. At the beginning of this week she posted out just over 100 lessons, to encourage many who are slow in sending lessons in to keep up with the lessons.

We do value your prayers and support for this important follow-up work with the marking and sending out the correspondence lessons.  For most of these young people this is the only ongoing teaching from God’s word that they have.



Camps are such a great opportunity to reach children and teens with the gospel. Pray for the many Christian camps throughout New Zealand that faithfully share God’s Word with the campers. Get involved with helping at a camp near you if you can. You can be such a blessing and will be blessed your self. Most camps look for volunteers to help.

Our camp dates are;

Camp 1; 26-29th September 25 campers + leaders

Camp 2; 30th. September to 3rd. of October 40 campers plus leaders

Camp 3; 6-9th of October 40 campers plus leaders.

A day camp Monday 5th October, about 50 campers.                                          Ardmore PC overnight camp 9-10th October with about 30 campers.

Please pray for the campers, leaders and speakers in all our camps. Thank you for your support!

COLT course; Christian Outdoor Leaders Training After the holidays we run a 10 week course with 5 students coming from Germany and Switzerland. They will receive training to help with running school day programs during the 4th school term. They will also have daily studies on how to do things better together as a team.

Last year I meet Irish Heather Hall at the European CEF headquarters in Switzerland. Heather and Niall Carrothers are getting married on the 24th of September. They plan to come to NZ on the 6th of October and work with us at Sonshine Ranch for 6 month. Heather, having trained with CEF will help in training the COLT students in children ministry.

We will use 2 of the studies written by Sam Doherty.       YOU CAN KNOW GOD’S PLAN FOR CHILDREN                 Learn what the Bible teaches about the spiritual needs of children.

The second study is;                                                              YOU CAN TEACH A BIBLE LESSON TO CHILDREN            How to prepare and teach an effective Bible lesson.

These studies plus the following ones can be obtained from us to help you reach children in Sunday schooling children outreach.





Thank you for your prayer and for those who continue to support the work financially. Do pray that God will raise up someone to come and work full time with New Zealand CEF to help reach the many unreached children in NZ. God’s blessings be with you.







Sonshine RanchCamps Horse 3

We are coming to the end of our 3rd camp. We praise God for the great time the kids have had during these camps. The weather again has been great for all the activities. Saturday the 18th looks like it’s going to be a bit wet. It’s wonderful to be able to share with the campers each day from God’s Word the Bible. We live in turbulent times with young people growing up often wondering what the future will bring for them. It is so good for them to learn that there is a loving God that will watch over them and that they can get to know Him through faith in Jesus Christ.

The cabins had a competition collecting about 10 different problem weeds.We looked at the problem they cause in pastures for the horses reducing the availability of good pasture. The campers worked hard trying to get the biggest weed or the one with the longest roots.


H 3July 15 (139)


Out of all three camps these 2 cabins got the largest weed out by far. But is was a hard work and painful  exercise for them with the bulk of the roots remaining in the ground. We made a comparison of the weeds to the problems that grow in our lives as people, they are so easy to remove when they first appear. But when allowed to grow and develop deep roots, they become difficult and painful to remove. That often leaves behind bitterness and resentment. With people who care and God’s help we can let go and make new beginnings, forgiving and receiving forgiveness.

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Sonshine Ranch camps Horse 2

Weedmasters H 1

Horse camp 2 was near full with 37 campers and 10 leaders. The weather was beautiful with cold nights and frosty mornings. The campers collected a good number of weeds and looked at them how they grow and become a problem in the pasture for livestock. In the evening devotions we compared weeds to problems and unhealthy habits in the lives of people. We saw how easy it is to eradicate weeds when they are small and could experience how difficult and painful it is to get the deep rooted weeds out. It was interesting for the campers to see that without the right tools and a helping hand, the larger deep rooted weeds were near impossible to get out. How wonderful to know and share with the campers that our God is well able and willing to help with any problem they face, we just need to trust and believe in Jesus Christ and what He has done for us.

Wednesday the 15th to Saturday, the 3rd  camp begins with 40 campers.


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Preaching Religion to children without evangelism

We are living in a time where so many good churches just tell bible and moral stories but fail to evangelise and challenge the congregation with the question are you saved, is Jesus you personal Saviour?

John 3, 3 Jesus says; unless a man is born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.

I consider it a tragedy that a lot of children growing up in christian families and attending church never or seldom get taught and challenged to personally accept Christ as Saviour for the forgiveness of sin. In our camps children coming from christian families and attending a church confirm this. When being counselled and asked when did you become a christian, the most common reply is I have grown up as a christian. They have not heard that they need to be “born again” and personally accept Jesus as their own Saviour! When such church children  give testimony as young leaders in our camps, we very often hear that the first time they heard of needing to personally accept Jesus as Saviour was when they first came as campers. May we all in camp ministry evangelise and lead many children to the Lord when they are ready to respond.

On TV news a while ago there were headlines of an ISIS executer that grew up in Britain and when young attended a church and youth group. He got dissolution and walked away from church as he was never lead to the Lord . Had he been saved he may have become a missionary instead!

This highlights the importance of evangelism and leading children to the Lord. I trust that the Booklet 21 Feed my Lambs will help you to see the importance in leading children to the Lord.

GOD’S Blessings, Hans Notter

Please see and read Booklet 21 “Feed my Lambs” in Literature Resource under down loads